Movement as Medicine

Digital Pathway for Rehabilitation Care

Somatic Health offers seamless digital rehabilitation solutions for health providers and employers including AI-enabled prevention, on-demand virtual visit, transition to clinic care, and “remote therapeutic monitoring” (RTM).


Somatic is a digital healthcare platform with AI-enabled technologies supporting MSK care from early online visit to remote therapeutic monitoring.

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HIPAA Compliant Video Visits with
AI-powered Assessment Tools

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Remote Therapeutic
Monitoring (RTM)

Step-by-step Workflow for RTM,
RTM Touchpoints Compliance,
RTM Billing Support

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Home Exercise
Programs (HEP)

1000+ ready-to-use Home Exercise Video Programs for Musculoskeletal (MSK) and Chronic Conditions

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Patient Engagement

Secure Messaging,
Automated Reminders,
Regular Surveys


Improved Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care

Cost savings

Somatic enables healthcare providers to deliver effective healthcare to patients through evidence-based home exercises that help lower healthcare cost by avoiding unnecessary imaging exams, opioid medications, surgery procedures, and readmissions.

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Get Started

Somatic engages with your employees and delivers care remotely for better outcomes.