Employee Health

Improve employee productivity with our MSK and
chronic disease rehabilitation platform.

Digital Pathway for Employee’s MSK Care

Somatic Health empowers your employees to live a healthy and active lifestyle. We act as your on-demand online portal for employees to self-test, visit PTs online and transition to in-clinic care in a seamless and cost effective process.
Our virtual solutions combine online physical therapy, dietary and wellness training to provide personalized care for employees and health plan members. Our programs are designed to improve and maintain good health while reducing the overall healthcare cost for workers and employers.

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What we Provide


AI-enabled assessments of work-readiness and risk exposure. With a few minutes of AI/video-based assessments, employees are evaluated, educated and trained to avoid work-related injuries.

Online PTs

With an alliance of MSK therapy companies, employees get to consult with PTs and other rehabilitation providers about their MSK pains, injuries, and health needs.


Employees in need of in-clinic care are seamlessly transitioned to a high quality physical therapy and other clinics. Receive continuous care through our hybrid model, engaged with home exercise programs (HEP) and secure HIPAA-compliant communications with providers.

MSK and Related Chronic Diseases are Crippling Employers

90% of the nations $4.1T in annual healthcare expenditure are for people with chronic and mental health conditions.

About $1T spent on musculoskeletal related conditions such as osteoarthritis, lower back pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

44% of employers ranked MSK pain severe enough to warrant surgery as the top condition impacting their costs.

85% of employers ranked MSK pain among the top three conditions impacting their costs.

Managing Chronic Health Conditions

Somatic offers over 4,000 home exercise video programs covering MSK and chronic diseases.


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Excess body fat build-up that puts you at high risk for serious health problems.


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A life-threatening condition characterized by high blood pressure, that damages your blood vessels, heart, and other vital organs.


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Inability of the body to regulate amount of blood sugar, if not managed accurately can lead to chronic problems.


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A long-term condition that narrows lung airways making it difficult to breathe.

Cost Savings


Surgery Visits

PT Visits

ER Visits

PCP Visits

Traditional Care System


Our solution reduces the most expensive cost for our members.

Surgery Visits

PT Visits

ER Visits

PCP Visits

Somatic Care System

The Somatic approach uses AI/computer vision to create more employee accountability to ensure that the dollars result in a significant ROI

Medical Cost Savings

On average, $3.27 is saved for every $1 spent on wellness

Absenteeism Costs

On Average, costs are reduced by $2.37 for every dollar invested

Get Started

Somatic engages with your employees and delivers care remotely for better outcomes.