Movement as Medicine: A New and Better Approach for Digital MSK Care

May 8, 2024

Musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and injury costs US companies billions of dollars in medical, disability and workers compensation spending. MSK conditions also take a huge toll on worker productivity and their quality of life. The severe shortage of physical therapy resources, and the lack of focus on injury prevention and early intervention make the problem much worse. People who have MSK conditions rarely complete their home exercise and other rehabilitation tasks. They also often have other complicating chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity. These factors contribute to a high rate of reinjury among those with MSK conditions.

We can help.

Somatic is reshaping the employee MSK care experience with our engaging MSK health platform that combines a 3D AI assessment, on-demand early intervention, and customized home rehabilitation programs to reduce injury and ensure faster recovery.

How it works:

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Injury Prevention:

  • Somatic’s 3D AI Assessment helps employers identify physical or range of motion limitations that might result in future employee injuries.
  • Ergonomic assessments identify job-specific risks with AI-guided safety training.
  • Customized home exercise videos are recommended to precisely address the assessment results.
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Early Intervention:

  • Somatic’s physical therapists and personal health coaches are available 24/7 for video consultations.
  • Employees are referred to local clinics if and when needed, otherwise a home exercise program will help them avoid injury and recover more quickly if they are injured.
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Rapid Recovery:

  • Engaged Care: Somatic offers employees undergoing MSK treatment engaging home exercise videos with AI-tracking, gamification and success measures, regular updates and reminders, and video visits with health coaches, and in-clinic referrals if and when needed.
  • Accountability: Employees are held accountable for active rehabilitation and rapid recovery through outcomes tracking and continuous engagement.

Somatic’s AI-enabled platform is the first digital health system that combines prevention, early intervention, and patient engagement to avoid injuries and accelerate recovery for MSK and associated chronic conditions for employees and their family members.

The Somatic “virtual + clinic” model is based on scientific evidence showing that clinician-led treatment augmented by precision digital technology creates a more engaged employee patient experience, leading to demonstrably improved outcomes, lower MSK-related cost and reduced incidence of workplace injuries.

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